We have put together a collection of the best modifications for Assetto Corsa. Have fun with them all.

We test all mods, before we put it in this collection. If there any problems with the mods, please contact the original creator.

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Latest Downloads

Lada Granta Cup

Lada Granta Cup is a younger sister of Lada Granta WTCC, developed by AvtoVAZ and TMS. The car itself is a special purpose built race version of Lada Granta with 1.6 litre engine turbochareged by Garrett, sequential gearbox, 2-way KW competition coilovers and safety cage.

by High-Tech Racing Simulations



proTyres gives you all the feedback you need about the tyres in one compact app, it’s only about the tyres, nothing else!
Inspired by the AC app Tyres and the work and concept of the brilliant apps Sidekick (by Topuz) and Tire PSI helper (by sacredaardvark). All pressures, temperatures and wear limits are read from AC car data including curve files, for every car and each compound.

by Jens Roos


Okayama International Circuit

Started in december 2016, this is a complete scratch built track specially designed for Assetto Corsa.
There are 3 layouts available, GP 3,7km , Piper 2km and Formula Drift Japan (800m).

by Mitja Bonca

v. 1.0


-Tower (standings - battles)
-Driver info (driver change info - qualif time - fastest lap)
-Timer (Session info - Replay)

by prunn


Caterham 7 Super Sprint 1995

Declined here in 3 versions. They all handle the same.
♦ Clamshell (long wings more classic looking)

by Ben O'Bro


Renault R.S.01

The fully carbon fibre coupe features a 550bhp twin-turbocharged V6 engine, and is set to race in a Renaultsport Trophy championship. The engine is a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6 unit, derived from the version used in the Nissan GT-R.

by body/jimmy, TTGuSS, Pat2611



This time, I give you Sidekick, a discreet but powerful app. The goal was to make an app with essential data that won't be in your way, but it's still very useful, powerful and adaptable.

by Topuz


Sebring International Raceway

new UPDATE Sebring v0.8 :
-améloration trajectory "ai"
-correctif light
-correctif texture
-correctif road
-correctif wall

by DrM@boul

v. 0.8