Apps & Misc


-Tower (standings - battles)
-Driver info (driver change info - qualif time - fastest lap)
-Timer (Session info - Replay)

by prunn



proTyres gives you all the feedback you need about the tyres in one compact app, it’s only about the tyres, nothing else!
Inspired by the AC app Tyres and the work and concept of the brilliant apps Sidekick (by Topuz) and Tire PSI helper (by sacredaardvark). All pressures, temperatures and wear limits are read from AC car data including curve files, for every car and each compound.

by Jens Roos



This time, I give you Sidekick, a discreet but powerful app. The goal was to make an app with essential data that won't be in your way, but it's still very useful, powerful and adaptable.

by Topuz


Car Radar

Features -

  • car shapes on mini map
  • working rotations relative to player
  • fade in/fade out


by itsjustdel

v. 1.33

Track Map Display

This app is a replacement for KUNOS map display always showing the whole map of the track with all the cars. You can also record maps for custom tracks.

by Neys



Simple data display of some timing information useful for race sessions.

The app shows data across 5 sections.

by AdderSwim



  • Local database of all laps and sessions done in assetto corsa.
  • Race position board with timings, works also in MP
  • Sending setups between players running ptracker instances
  • Advanced chat client supporting hotkeys

by Neys



- The app is used to configure the work to be performed on the pit prior to stopping the car on the pit spot. Note: Pit Stops are available only in Multiplayer at the moment.
- Does not require any button to start the pit work. You just need to stop on the pit spot and the pit stop starts automatically.

by FWallner



It's my pleasure to gift the community RaceEssentials, an all-encompassing app I've been working on lately. I've tailored it to bring together a large number of relevant data and to display it logically and clearly. The app monitors over 30 useful parameters crucial for almost every type of driving session. AB track types as well as classic circuit tracks are fully supported. I also have to thank Jorge Alves, who wasn't directly involved in the app development, but his StatsBar Plus app inspired me to make this one and I had a look or two in his code to figure out some logic.

by Topuz



Just a little radar of an aerial perspective, so you can see what's going on around your car.

by Minolin


AC Tools Cars Manager

Small utility for easy editing ui_car.json files.

With many Features.

by x4fab

Mini Apps / Statsbar plus

by Jorge Alves