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Ginetta G55 GT4 2017

It compares to the Porsche GT4 and the Maserati GT4, and is really competitive, slightly slower, due to the power diff, but better in the corners due to the handling.

It has 380bhp.


by Shaun Clarke


Seat Leon Cup

This is the mod, originally by Tamas Pongracz (Tommy78) that was scratch made.

This mod fell by the wayside, and Tamas gave me full permission to work on this

and bring it up to date.

This still contains all the features that Tamas put in this fantastic Mod, plus updated.

by Tommy78


Lamborghini Diablo SE30 Jota

3D model created by Alberto Daniel Russo (@A3DR)

Physics by Jason Coates (@aphidgod)

Sound samples from official cars


Version 1.0 will include LODs and other improvements where needed.



by A3DR


NFS Tournament Class A

This pack includes both cars and race grid templates to be used in Content Manager for each car, so it loads the same opponents from the original game.

by Alberto Daniel Russo (A3DR), Jason Coates (aphidgod)


Caterham Seven 165 2013

Slightly slower than the 1700ss with its missing cylinder and tiny wheels (155/65r14), a bit newer (2013 vs 1995) and still enjoyable to drive! A nice way to learn how to drift gently.

by Ben O'Bro