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NFS Tournament Class A

This pack includes both cars and race grid templates to be used in Content Manager for each car, so it loads the same opponents from the original game.

by Alberto Daniel Russo (A3DR), Jason Coates (aphidgod)


Caterham Seven 165 2013

Slightly slower than the 1700ss with its missing cylinder and tiny wheels (155/65r14), a bit newer (2013 vs 1995) and still enjoyable to drive! A nice way to learn how to drift gently.

by Ben O'Bro


Toyota Sera - Stock, TRD & GT

What started as a simple project turned out to be more technical than we've expected, with other projects getting in the way, so it took over a year to have a decent release version.
TRD and GT are built according to real specs and available parts, except the widebody aero kit which its made up by myself.

by A3DR


SuperGT GT500 HSV010-GT

This MOD is SUPERGT GT500 HONDA HSV010-GT team WEIDER DOME Racing in 2013 season.(HSV010-GT final year!)

※physics & sound is based our teams GT500 MOD GTR2 version .

by natsuki


Lola T70 MkII Spyder

The chassis was designed to accept either a Ford or Chevrolet small-block V8 and cars competed with both. Among the Chevrolet-powered teams was that of John Surtees, which became the de facto works outfit. It is Surtees' 1966 5.9L Can Am car that we have tried to re-create here.

by aphidgod